Bandanna Bruh is a comic relief character who lives in Everforge.

Background Edit

Thanks to Everforge being comprised solely of remnants of people's dreams, very weird things live there. Bandanna Bruh is very normal compared to the others, but still very quirky.

Bandanna Bruh travels around Everforge, selling Tylenol and other common Pre-WW3 Earth drugs for "five bucks a pop". It's unknown how old he is, or even if he has an age. All we know is that he has a creepy voice comparable to Filthy Frank and he wears a sweater with a bandanna and sunglasses making him look like a gangster or terrorist. His only way of defending himself is to use a Swiss Army Knife.

Description Edit

Bandanna Bruh can be seen with a blue sweatshirt with his hood and sunglasses on at all times, completely hiding his face. He has cargo shorts and his sweatshirt has lots of inside pockets to store food, drugs, and money. His voice is very deep and creepy. From what we know, he's completely human.

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