Ebonwood is a type of magic tree found scattered throughout magic regions in Earth. It's named after a natural tree, the ebony tree, thanks to whoever discovered and named it.

Appearance Edit

It looks similar to an oak tree, however it's leaves are a dark deep blue and it's trunk is a deep black, similar to the color of obsidian. The leaves color can be anywhere from what you see in the ocean to nearly being black. However, the trunk and wood color does not vary much.

Uses Edit

Ebonwood is not highly sought after, despite being somewhat rare. Despite that, their leaves make a decent substitute ingredient in a variety of potions. The wood from the trees has a deep black color which makes very nice decorative furniture. Its wood is sturdy and somewhat strong, but it shouldn't be used for construction. Ebonwood trees can only be chopped down with an axe that's at least the slightest bit magical. Attempting to use something that's not related to magic to chop down or destroy an ebonwood tree (or anything ebonwood, really) will result in the wood falling apart, becoming a nearly useless mulch, and the leaves die instantly once a decently sized cut, gap or hole is made.

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