"There isn't anything sadder than watching something that could've gone so well end up dying in the end" - Katsura Ani

A Universe Death refers to how and why a universe died. When a universe dies, all ties to it are broken and you can not travel to it anymore. It's ID is forever used up, and if, for example, dimension 9 dies, there will never be a dimension 9 ever again.

Common Universe Deaths Edit

Heat Death Edit

The most common way a universe can die. Think of this as like an expiration date for a universe. Some universes are immune to this thanks to special cases or physics. For more stuff about heat death, go here

Though, even with heat death, the universe is still able to be traveled to, and can be given a revive if you refill it with external matter/energy.

The Worms Edit

A bunch of worm-like creatures who feed off the logic and fabric of the universe like a parasite can kill the universe. They can spread from dimension to dimension and are infamous for causing physically impossible or just out of place oddities in the universe, like creating new forms of magic by random, or creating random things in random spots like a golden mug on top of a tree.

Murder Edit

It is possible for a very strong being to kill a universe, given the right tools and enough time. Murder may be by forcing a heat death, or by wiping the universe from existence in a unique way. The most common reason for this are worms in the fabric of a given universe that need to be exterminated, but they are too far spread and already too strong to do so by more peaceful ways.

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